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Automatically build and test your code as you push it upstream, preventing bugs from being deployed to production. A complementary practice to CI is that before submitting work, each programmer must do a complete build and run (and pass) all unit tests. Integration tests are usually run automatically on a CI server when it detects a new commit.

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ahfuzhang commented Oct 16, 2020

when I use:
golangci-lint.exe run d:\source\\ahfuzhang\go_xxx_server\src\cgi
it's ok

when I use:
golangci-lint.exe run D:\source\\ahfuzhang\go_xxx_server\src\cgi
the error is:

level=error msg="[linters context] typechecking error: go: directory . outside available modules"
level=warning msg="[runner] Can't run linter goanalysis_metalinter: S1011: failed prerequi

IlanCosman commented Sep 9, 2020

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

Following the guidance of github, many developers are moving to main as their default branch. Saving developers from the very small hindrance of using DEFAULT_BRANCH: main would contribute to smoothing the transition.

Describe the solution you'd like

The default branch should be main. If it does not exist, use `m

drahnr commented Jul 13, 2020


Backend error: Exit status: 500, message: {"Type":"ExecutableNotFoundError","Message":"OCI runtime exec failed: exec failed: container_linux.go:349: starting container process caused \"exec: \\\"bash\\\": executable file not found in $PATH\": unknown","Handle":"","ProcessID":"","Binary":""}

Steps to reproduce

Use @vito buildkit container, or any container which doe

moniuch commented Apr 25, 2017

I would welcome a feature when, at the same url which is set to respond with OK status, I could have an error response generated with a random seed.

I am developing an Observable pattern to perform a series of retries to call an endpoint, with increasing delay. The problem is that during testing, I cannot really mock up the condition by randomly switching between two urls (error and ok

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