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Go Warden
Go Shell

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                                        jgs.--' | | '--.
                                           \__._| |_.__/

Warden in Go, because why not.


Garden provides a platform-neutral API for containerization. Backends implement support for various specific platforms. So far, the list of backends is as follows:

Garden API

The canonical API for Garden is defined as a collection of Go interfaces. See the godoc documentation for details.

For convenience during Garden development, Garden also supports a REST API which may be used to "kick the tyres". The REST API is not supported.

For example, if Garden Linux is deployed to localhost and configured to listen on port 7777, the following commands may be used to kick its tyres:

# list containers (should be empty)

# create a container
curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -XPOST \
  -d '{"rootfs":"docker:///busybox"}'

# list containers (should list the handle returned above)

# spawn a process
# curl will choke here as the protocol is hijacked, probably worked.
curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -XPOST${handle}/processes \
  -d '{"path":"sleep","args":["10"],"user":"vcap"}'

See REST API examples for more.



  • git (for garden and its dependencies on github)
  • mercurial (for some dependencies not on github)

Make a directory to contain go code:

$ mkdir ~/go

Install Go. For example, install gvm and issue:

$ gvm install go1.4.1
$ gvm use go1.4.1

Make sure that your $GOPATH and $PATH are set. For example:

$ export GOPATH=~/go:$GOPATH
$ export PATH=$PATH:~/go/bin

Get garden and its dependencies:

$ go get -t -u
$ cd $GOPATH/src/
$ go get -t -u ./...

Install ginkgo (used to test garden):

$ go install

Run the tests:

$ ginkgo -r
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