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CF example app: ping-pong matching server

This is an app to match ping-pong players with each other. It's currently an API only, so you have to use curl to interact with it.

It has an acceptance test suite you might like to look at.

Note: We highly recommend that you use the latest versions of any software required by this sample application. For example, make sure that you are using the most recent verion of maven.

Running on Pivotal Web Services

Log in.

cf login -a

Target your org / space.

cf target -o myorg -s myspace

Sign up for a cleardb instance.

cf create-service cleardb spark mysql

Build the app.

brew install maven
mvn package

Push the app. Its manifest assumes you called your ClearDB instance 'mysql'.

cf push -n mysubdomain

Export the test host

export HOST=

Now follow the interaction instructions.

Running locally

The following assumes you have a working Java 1.8 SDK installed.

Install and start mysql:

brew install mysql
mysql.server start
mysql -u root

Create a database user and table in the MySQL REPL you just opened:

CREATE USER 'springpong'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'springpong';
CREATE DATABASE pong_matcher_spring_development;
GRANT ALL ON pong_matcher_spring_development.* TO 'springpong'@'localhost';

Start the application server from your IDE or the command line:

mvn spring-boot:run

Export the test host

export HOST=http://localhost:8080

Now follow the interaction instructions.


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