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Cloud Foundry Binary Buildpack

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A Cloud Foundry buildpack for running arbitrary binary web servers.

Buildpack User Documentation

Official buildpack documentation can be found at

Building the Buildpack

  1. Get latest buildpack dependencies

    BUNDLE_GEMFILE=cf.Gemfile bundle
  2. Build the buildpack

    BUNDLE_GEMFILE=cf.Gemfile bundle exec buildpack-packager [ --uncached | --cached ]
  3. Use in Cloud Foundry

    Upload the buildpack to your Cloud Foundry and optionally specify it by name

    cf create-buildpack custom_binary_buildpack 1
    cf push my_app -b custom_binary_buildpack


Buildpacks use the Machete framework for running integration tests.

To test a buildpack, run the following command from the buildpack's directory:

BUNDLE_GEMFILE=cf.Gemfile bundle exec buildpack-build

More options can be found on Machete's Github page.


Find our guidelines here.

Help and Support

Join the #buildpacks channel in our Slack community if you need any further assistance.

Reporting Issues

Open a GitHub issue on this project here

Active Development

The project backlog is on Pivotal Tracker