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// +build !V7
package main
import (
// BasicPlugin is the struct implementing the interface defined by the core CLI. It can
// be found at ""
type BasicPlugin struct{}
// Run must be implemented by any plugin because it is part of the
// plugin interface defined by the core CLI.
// Run(....) is the entry point when the core CLI is invoking a command defined
// by a plugin. The first parameter, plugin.CliConnection, is a struct that can
// be used to invoke cli commands. The second paramter, args, is a slice of
// strings. args[0] will be the name of the command, and will be followed by
// any additional arguments a cli user typed in.
// Any error handling should be handled with the plugin itself (this means printing
// user facing errors). The CLI will exit 0 if the plugin exits 0 and will exit
// 1 should the plugin exits nonzero.
func (c *BasicPlugin) Run(cliConnection plugin.CliConnection, args []string) {
// Ensure that we called the command basic-plugin-command
if args[0] == "basic-plugin-command" {
fmt.Println("Running the basic-plugin-command")
// GetMetadata must be implemented as part of the plugin interface
// defined by the core CLI.
// GetMetadata() returns a PluginMetadata struct. The first field, Name,
// determines the name of the plugin which should generally be without spaces.
// If there are spaces in the name a user will need to properly quote the name
// during uninstall otherwise the name will be treated as seperate arguments.
// The second value is a slice of Command structs. Our slice only contains one
// Command Struct, but could contain any number of them. The first field Name
// defines the command `cf basic-plugin-command` once installed into the CLI. The
// second field, HelpText, is used by the core CLI to display help information
// to the user in the core commands `cf help`, `cf`, or `cf -h`.
func (c *BasicPlugin) GetMetadata() plugin.PluginMetadata {
return plugin.PluginMetadata{
Name: "MyBasicPlugin",
Version: plugin.VersionType{
Major: 1,
Minor: 0,
Build: 0,
MinCliVersion: plugin.VersionType{
Major: 6,
Minor: 7,
Build: 0,
Commands: []plugin.Command{
Name: "basic-plugin-command",
HelpText: "Basic plugin command's help text",
// UsageDetails is optional
// It is used to show help of usage of each command
UsageDetails: plugin.Usage{
Usage: "basic-plugin-command\n cf basic-plugin-command",
// Unlike most Go programs, the `Main()` function will not be used to run all of the
// commands provided in your plugin. Main will be used to initialize the plugin
// process, as well as any dependencies you might require for your
// plugin.
func main() {
// Any initialization for your plugin can be handled here
// Note: to run the plugin.Start method, we pass in a pointer to the struct
// implementing the interface defined at ""
// Note: The plugin's main() method is invoked at install time to collect
// metadata. The plugin will exit 0 and the Run([]string) method will not be
// invoked.
// Plugin code should be written in the Run([]string) method,
// ensuring the plugin environment is bootstrapped.
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