@nebhale nebhale released this May 30, 2017 · 278 commits to master since this release

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I'm pleased to announce the release of the java-buildpack, version 4.1. This release replaces the Container Certificate Trust Store with the Container Security Provider.

  • Replace the Container Certificate Trust Store with the Container Security Provider
  • Upgrade to the 2.x MariaDB line
  • Removed Darwin Binaries from offline buildpack
  • Moved non-Open Source dependencies to non-Cloud Foundry Foundation hosts

For a more detailed look at the changes in 4.1, please take a look at the commit log. Packaged versions of the buildpack, suitable for use with create-buildpack and update-buildpack, can be found attached to this release.

Packaged Dependencies

Dependency Version
AppDynamics Agent 4.3.1_3
Container Security Provider 1.5.0_RELEASE
Dyadic EKM Security Provider 1.2.0
Dynatrace Appmon Agent 6.3.0_1305
Dynatrace OneAgent 1.117.262
Gemalto Luna Security Provider 6.2.0
Gemalto ProtectApp Security Provider 8.4.0
Google Stackdriver Debugger 2.14.0
Groovy 2.4.10
JRebel Agent 7.0.9
jvmkill Agent 1.7.0_RELEASE
MariaDB JDBC Driver 2.0.1
Memory Calculator 3.8.0_RELEASE
New Relic Agent 3.39.1
OpenJDK JRE 1.8.0_131
Play Framework Auto-reconfiguration 1.11.0_RELEASE
Play Framework JPA Plugin 1.11.0_RELEASE
PostgreSQL JDBC Driver 9.4.1212
Redis Session Store 1.2.0_RELEASE
Spring Auto-reconfiguration 1.11.0_RELEASE
Spring Boot CLI 1.5.3_RELEASE
Spring Boot Container Customizer 1.1.0_RELEASE
Tomcat 8.5.15
Tomcat Access Logging Support 2.5.0_RELEASE
Tomcat Lifecycle Support 2.5.0_RELEASE
Tomcat Logging Support 2.5.0_RELEASE
YourKit Profiler 2017.2.59