Python SDK for CloudPassage Halo API
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Python SDK for CloudPassage Halo API

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  • Python 2.7.10+ or 3.6+
  • OpenSSL 1.0.2 or newer
  • requests 2.18 or newer
  • pyaml

Install from pip with sudo pip install cloudpassage. If you want to make modifications to the SDK you can install it in editable mode by downloading the source from this github repo, navigating to the top directory within the archive and running sudo pip install -e . (note the . at the end).

Quick Start

Here's the premise: you store your session configuration information (API credentials, proxy settings, etc) in the cloudpassage.HaloSession object. This object gets passed into the various class methods which allow you to interact with the CloudPassage Halo API.

Practical example: We'll print a list of all servers in our account:

import cloudpassage

api_key = MY_HALO_API_KEY
api_secret = MY_API_SECRET
session = cloudpassage.HaloSession(api_key, api_secret)
server = cloudpassage.Server(session)

list_of_servers = server.list_all()
for s in list_of_servers:
    print "ID: %s   Name: %s" % (s["id"], s["hostname"])


Browsing and downloading

Built documentation can be found at

Building documentation

  1. Clone the repository locally
  2. Navigate to cloudpassage-halo-python-sdk/docs
  3. run sphinx-build -b pdf source build/pdf
  4. Docs will be located at cloudpassage-halo-python-sdk/docs/build/pdf/CloudPassage_Python_SDK_$VERSION.pdf


Testing procedure is documented at: