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Cloud Posse

DevOps Accelerator for Funded Startups & Enterprises πŸ™Œ Hire Us! <>


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We're a DevOps Accelerator for Funded Startups and Enterprises

Skip the consultants and the DIY headaches.

Use our ready-to-go terraform architecture blueprints for AWS to get up and running quickly.

βœ… Production-ready AWS infrastructure in weeks, not months
βœ… Backed by our fanatical support
βœ… So good, we offer a money-back guarantee

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Just browsing? Kickstart your journey with Atmos, dive into discussions on Slack, and gain insights on our weekly office hours. Discover how Cloud Posse's open-source solutions can elevate your organization.

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Our Approach

After you work with Cloud Posse, your team will know what they're doing.

You will have a plan in place to handle deploying every new service your company builds. You will have peace of mind knowing that everything is defined with infrastructure as code and confident in your ability to deliver. Your team will have learned to fish and become autonomous. And guess what? We are here to pull you out if you ever get stuck in the mud.

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How it Works

Use the industry's most robust AWS reference architecture for terraform to solve your most challenging problems of compliance and observability.

Our plan ensures you have a platform built for scale and we'll guide you along the way so you can make informed decisions. After you graduate from our accelerator, we offer long-term support to help you grow.

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What We Do

Your team can operate like a pro today.

Ensure that your team succeeds by using our proven process and turnkey blueprints. Plus, we stick around until you succeed.

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  1. atmos atmos Public

    πŸ‘½ Terraform Orchestration Tool for DevOps. Keep environment configuration DRY with hierarchical imports of configurations, inheritance, and WAY more. Native support for Terraform and Helmfile.

    MDX 619 86

  2. geodesic geodesic Public

    πŸš€ Geodesic is a DevOps Linux Toolbox in Docker

    Shell 920 116

  3. packages packages Public

    πŸ—οΈ Linux packages for popular DevOps tools. Supports Ubuntu, CentOS, and Alpine.

    Shell 144 35

  4. terraform-aws-eks-cluster terraform-aws-eks-cluster Public

    Terraform module for provisioning an EKS cluster

    HCL 500 342

  5. terraform-aws-components terraform-aws-components Public

    Opinionated, self-contained Terraform root modules that each solve one, specific problem

    HCL 482 203

  6. docs docs Public

    πŸ“˜ SweetOps documentation for the Cloud Posse way of doing Infrastructure as Code.

    MDX 65 24


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