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Emacs haxe completion.

Inspired by downloading 500mb of an eclipse plugin for the same purpose.

Integrated with eproject by parsing a build.hxml from the eprojects home
directory and then storing the classpaths until the project is changed. I only use
with js target so works very well in that instance for multiple compilation targets.

Completion on ".". Completions placed into an ido selection, very nice with ido
flex matching enabled.

Completion on "(". A new buffer *haXe* is created where the ( parameter output
is placed for reference.

I'm not expecting much take up on this and so I expect users to know how to
tweak it to their own use. However if you're interested but can't make it work
let me know.

In my haxe mode setup I have the following keys

   (local-set-key (kbd ".") (lambda () (interactive) (hxc-complete ".")))
   (local-set-key (kbd "(") (lambda () (interactive) (hxc-complete "(")))

I'm using the haxe mode by Jens Peter Secher.

If you're not using eproject you'll need to tweak this function

(defun hxc-prj-dir ()
  (cadr prj-current))

to return your project dir. It's currently set to eprojects prj-current.

Will probably add flymake support and a api documentation server to round it out.