Lazy Loading Tree with the JavaScript REST Toolkit
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Lazy Loading Tree with the JavaScript REST Toolkit

Challenge end date: Tue Apr 26 01:00:00 GMT 2011

We’d like to build a JavaScript tree component for Visualforce that lazily loads its nodes using the JavaScript REST Toolkit.

<p><a href="" target="_blank">Pat Patterson</a>, Developer Evangelist, just released the <a href="" target="_blank"> JavaScript REST Toolkit</a>. The toolkit allows JavaScript in Visualforce pages to call the REST API via the Ajax Proxy, providing an easy-to-use JavaScript wrapper. We’d like to use this toolkit as a basis for the tree component.</p> <p>The component should use an existing tree component such as, but not limited to, <a href="" target="_blank">jsTree</a> (jQuery), <a href="" target="_blank">dijit Tree</a> (Dojo) or <a href="" target="_blank">XML Tree Loader</a> (Ext JS). Use a single custom object to model the data used by the tree with a parent/child relationship.</p> <p>When the Visualforce page load, the tree component should query for and load the first and second level nodes. Nodes with child elements should display as a folder. Expanding a folder causes the tree to use the JavaScript REST Toolkit to fetch the next level of nodes and display them accordingly.</p> <p>Create a custom object with a reference to itself to model the hierarchy.</p> <p>Selecting any of the nodes opens the record in a new window.</p> <p>Extra credit for making the tree available as a Visualforce component.</p>