Clover SDK for developing applications on Clover Station/Mobile/Mini/Flex
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Clover SDK for Android

This repo contains two Android Studio projects: clover-android-sdk and clover-android-sdk-examples. Both projects use the Gradle build system and were developed using Android Studio. If you do not have Gradle installed, you may use the Gradle wrapper executable gradlew / gradlew.bat present in this repo.

clover-android-sdk is an Android library project. To integrate it into your project, add the following dependency to your Gradle-enabled project:

dependencies {
    compile 'com.clover.sdk:clover-android-sdk:latest.release'

clover-android-sdk-examples is an Android application project. To build and install from the command line,

$ gradle clean installDebug

Alternatively, you may import both the SDK and examples as an Android Studio project.

Java Documentation

You can browse the javadoc for more information, including example usages.

To generate your own local copy of the javadoc,

$ pwd
$ gradle clean assemble doc-clean doc

Latest Apps for Testing

If you are testing on your own emulator or tablet then you will need the latest apps. All apps can be downloaded at:



If you are developing on sandbox please use the minimum or greater version of the engine.
Minimum required version: com.clover.engine-1851.apk

To check the current version of the Clover engine on your Clover Devkit:
Navigate to Settings > Storage > Apps > Clover
Then up top by the logo it should say the version Ex: ‘version 2.0-1851'

If you are using the minimum or greater engine version you do not need to do the following steps.

Targeting an Emulator or Tablet to a new environment

Currently, some of the dev-apks are not pointing to the environment corresponding to the baseURL they were downloaded from (i.e. Sandbox).

You will need to have installed adb to be able to use the script and it must also be in your path. Reference:

Please run the following bash script on your developer/host machine: target_new_environment

This script is meant to re-target a non-Clover device's environment.

Do not attempt to run this on a Clover device.

Please select a connected device
2) C021UQ53170436
3) C010UC43010546
4) C021UQ50430029
#? 1

Selected device:

Please select your desired target environment:
1) Prod-US
2) Prod-EU
3) Sandbox
4) Localhost
#? 3

Updating target to

You will need to 'Add Account' via Settings to set up your device