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Lightning PHP MVC Framework


Lightning aims to be a blazing fast and lightweight PHP MVC framework, implementing all of the most important features of a PHP framework without the fluff. The included example page scores a 100 for both mobile and desktop on Google PageSpeed Insights.


  • PHP 7.0+
  • Composer (for installation of third party libraries)


  • cd to the project directory and run composer install

Features Overview

  • Flexible routing system which handles clean URLs and implements a /controller/action/[optional prarameter] scheme. This can be easily configured to suit most needs.
  • Flash message alert system for displaying messages to users.
  • Mailing system (using PHPMailer).
  • Secure token generation and verification system.
  • Error handler and logging system which can display better error messages than PHP on development servers, and serves custom error pages on production servers (while saving error logs).
  • Robust utilities class offering methods such as SSL detection, AJAX request detection, various date/time/timezone conversions, a function to convert any string to a proper URL slug, and more.
  • Templating system via Twig and a View class to help with rendering, passing in custom data, and template caching.
  • Allow your users to use an HTML WYSIWYG editor with confidence, as HTML Purifier is included to allow only safe HTML output and prevent XSS attacks. The example template has a demonstration of this in action.

Reference Docs

Coming soon!