Clutter integration with the Box2D physics engine
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A glue layer between clutter and box2d that provides a special group where the
actors can be set to be static or dynamic in regard to a physics simulation. The
source tree currently contains an embedded version of box2d trunk.

  - Children of the ClutterBox2d group can be simulated as static or dynamic
    rigid bodies. Collision detection.
  - Specifying the gravity of the world.
  - play/pause control over the box2d physics engine
  - Setting linear and angular velocities of simulated children.
  - automatic position synchronization between clutter and box2d.
  - joints
      - prismatic.
      - revolute.
      - distance (spring)
      - mouse (for dragging objects around and manipulating them).

  - debug drawing of
      - joints (and shapes)
  - actors/bodies
     - support translating back and forth to clutter actors with more
     - resync when scale/geometry of actor changes
     - support assigning arbitrary non rectangular shapes, like circles
       and polylines.
  - joints
     - make the ClutterBox2DJoint not be a struct but proper GObjects to
       make use of properties and paramspecs.
     - access to motor functionality of prismatic and revolute joints.
     - add gear joint
  - sensor support