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A breadboard-friendly breakout board for the CC000
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This project is abandoned!

I've given up on the CC3000, it's just too buggy and problematic.

TI themselves say this on the CC3000 page:

TI recommends CC3200 & CC3100 for all new and existing embedded Wi-Fi & Internet of Things applications.

And they've removed references to the CC3000 on their SimpleLink WiFi page at

I'm going to leave these pages here so people searching the web for help don't find dead links, but I recommend you abandon your quest to make this half-baked module work. Best of luck to you.

CC3000 Breakout

Version 1.4

Yet another breakout board for the TI CC3000 WiFi module

Based on a design & library by Matt Bigarani,

This design is licensed under the Creative Commons CC by NC SA ( OK to share & remix for any noncommercial purpose

The antenna used by Matt from the SparkFun-RF library was the wrong size. SparkFun had one that was close (ANTENNA-CHIP5) but wasn't exactly right so I modified the part in their library. The modified library is included in this project as SparkFun-RF-Modified.lbr


  • 1.4 - Changed antenna trace from 20 mil to 50 mil & antenna trace gap from 12 mil to 10 mil based on calculations from
  • 1.3 - First board design to be manufactured. Fixed antenna footprint from V1.2
  • 1.2 - Fixed antenna gap per antenna datasheet
  • 1.1 - Revised BOM to use the same parts as TI whenever possible
  • 1.0 - Initial prototype
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