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Spree extension for administrable embedded content.

Merge pull request #6 from GarPit/2-1-x

Makes compatible with Spree 2.1 and Rails 4
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app rename helper for compatibility with spree_static_content extension
config Spree 2.0.x support
lib Formtastic was removed
spec add 1.0.x compatibility
.rspec add 1.0.x compatibility
Gemfile add 1.0.x compatibility
LICENSE Updated to work with Spree 0.30 and Rails 3. Include WYM editor in th…
Rakefile add 1.0.x compatibility
Versionfile adding more versions to the versionfile
spree_snippets-0.6.0.gem Updating spree_snippets to use formtastic
spree_snippets.gemspec bump gem version


Snippets - Compatible with Spree 0.30+

Admin configurable chunks of content that can be rendered in any view via the SnippetsHelper#render_snippet method.

note: the 0.11 compatible version is on the 0.11-stable branch.


<%# in a view %>
<%= render_snippet('slug-name') %>
<%= render_snippet(@snippet_object) %>
<% snippet_id = 26 %>
<%= render_snippet(snippet_id) %> 


Add to Gemfile: gem 'spree_snippets', ">= 0.5.1"

Run: bundle install rails g spree_snippets:install rake db:migrate

Snippet CRUD

  1. Login to the Administration Console
  2. Click on the Configuration Tab
  3. Click on the Snippets link


  1. bundle exec rake test_app
  2. bundle exec rake


  1. bundle exec rspec spec/models/spree/snippet_spec.rb for test individual file

Snippet Settings

To enable exceptions on missing snippets, set Spree::Config.set(:spree_snippets_raise_on_missing => true)

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