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Spree extension for administrable embedded content.
Latest commit 84550b3 Mar 4, 2014 @cmaujean Merge pull request #6 from GarPit/2-1-x
Makes compatible with Spree 2.1 and Rails 4


Snippets - Compatible with Spree 0.30+

Admin configurable chunks of content that can be rendered in any view via the SnippetsHelper#render_snippet method.

note: the 0.11 compatible version is on the 0.11-stable branch.


<%# in a view %>
<%= render_snippet('slug-name') %>
<%= render_snippet(@snippet_object) %>
<% snippet_id = 26 %>
<%= render_snippet(snippet_id) %> 


Add to Gemfile: gem 'spree_snippets', ">= 0.5.1"

Run: bundle install rails g spree_snippets:install rake db:migrate

Snippet CRUD

  1. Login to the Administration Console
  2. Click on the Configuration Tab
  3. Click on the Snippets link


  1. bundle exec rake test_app
  2. bundle exec rake


  1. bundle exec rspec spec/models/spree/snippet_spec.rb for test individual file

Snippet Settings

To enable exceptions on missing snippets, set Spree::Config.set(:spree_snippets_raise_on_missing => true)

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