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First and foremost, I want to thank Cory Doctorow. His simple inquiries into
using source control for his writing projects served as the original genesis
of this project.

I also want to thank all of the early adopters who helped improve the code and
the documentation by simply asking questions and using the software.

To date, I’ve also had a few contributors who have helped by submitting patches
and working directly on the project:

  • Vaskin Kissoyan – docs, testing
  • Ben Snider, – the original code for, docs
  • garthrk, – random fixes and tests, docs
  • jpenney, – brain storming, random fixes and enhancements

I want to give a special thanks to Jonathan Coulton, Brad Turcotte and Beatnik
Turtle for freely offering their songs for download. Being able to grab a
handful of tracks and import them into Banshee let me build that plugin very
quickly, whislt listening to their awesome tunes to boot.

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