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CodeItYourself .NET Core Templates

A set of templates based on the sample code used in some of my Code it Yourself... posts.

Name Type Description Installation Usage Related post
CodeItYourself.WebAPI.AWS.Lambda Web/API Create a an ASP.NET Core Web API project ready for AWS lambda dotnet new --install CodeItYourself.WebAPI.AWS.Lambda::* dotnet new webapilambda Deploy your ASP.NET Core Web API to AWS Lambda
CodeItYourself.ASPNET.Raspberry Web Create an ASP.NET Core Web project for RaspberryPi dotnet new --install CodeItYourself.ASPNET.Raspberry::* dotnet new webrpi Step by step: Running ASP.NET Core on Raspberry Pi
CodeItYourself.WebAPI.EchoBot Web/API Create a simple bot with ASP.NET Core Web API dotnet new --install CodeItYourself.WebAPI.EchoBot::* dotnet new webechobot .NET Core and Microsoft Bot Framework