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Self controlled by community Minecraft server with front-end app
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Project Overview

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Minecraft Server

Features built on top of the server

  • Minecraft server backend API and misc functionalities implemented in PHP using CodeIgniter v3
  • Minecraft server front-end web-app that display the information from the back-end API

Demo at


Wrapper around minecraft (v1.8) to propose a server self controlled by the community. It currently supports the following features:

  • Automatic sign-up on white-list from the website
  • Score system based on points calculated using the achievment system
  • Hardcore mode with daily automatic resurrection based on number of lives
  • Structure owner system to protect players from grief
  • Analytics tool which details player action to identify lags & grief
  • Reward system to encourage players to participate to the community effort
  • Email templates to notify users on differents type of events
  • Donation system using streamtip service


There is currently no easy deployment and dependencies install. Here are the main steps:

  • Set up frontend config for API base url
  • Create Backend Crontab
  • Update Backend configuration files
  • Run migration script to set up database
  • Install dependencies (minecraft overviewer & msm)
  • Set up sudoers privileges


  • ⬜️ Create Event system
  • ⬜️ Add player log in system (unique token)
  • ⬜️ Migrate frontend to mvc framework
  • ⬜️ API Documentation
  • ⬜️ Backend deployment
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