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ddg-exercises-js is a fast and flexible framework for 3D geometry processing on the web! Easy integration with HTML/WebGL makes it particularly suitable for things like mobile apps, online demos, and course content. For many tasks, performance comes within striking distance of native (C++) code. Plus, since the framework is pure JavaScript, no compilation or installation is necessary on any platform. Moreover, geometry processing algorithms can be edited in the browser (using for instance the JavaScript Console in Chrome).

At a high level, the framework is divided into three parts - an implementation of a halfedge mesh data structure, an optimized linear algebra package and skeleton code for various geometry processing algorithms. Each algorithm comes with its own viewer for rendering.

Detailed documentation and unit tests for each of these parts can be found in the docs and tests directories of this repository.

Getting started

  1. Clone the repository and change into the projects directory
git clone
cd ddg-exercises-js/projects
  1. Open the index.html file in any of the sub directories in a browser of your choice (Chrome and Firefox usually provide better rendering performance than Safari).

Dependencies (all included)

  1. Linear Algebra - A wrapper around the C++ library Eigen compiled to asm.js with emscripten. Future updates will compile the more optimized sparse matrix library Suitesparse to asm.js.

  2. Rendering - three.js

  3. Unit Tests - Mocha and Chai

About Javascript

The implementation of ddg-exercises-js attempts to minimize the use of obscure Javascript language features. It should not be too difficult for anyone with experience in a dynamic language like Python or familiar with the principles of Object Oriented Programming to get a handle on Javascript syntax by reading through some of the code in this framework. The documentation contains examples specific to this framework which will also be of help. For a more formal introduction to Javascript, checkout this really nice tutorial.


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