An application to search BGP Update files for CIDR blocks or Autonomous Systems.
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bgpuma is a program for searching BGP update files created by MRT or 
Zebra/Quagga for CIDR blocks and/or Autonomous Systems.  Given a list of CIDR 
blocks, it looks for those CIDR blocks which match the list, are contained 
in the list, or are contained by the list.  For Autonomous Systems, it looks 
for routes that are announced by the given system.  

It is based on the library created by RIPE called bgpdump and SiLK, created 
by CERT.  


bgpuma has an external dependency on the bgpdump library.  It can be found

It also depends on the SiLK library.  SiLK can be found at 

Build using:
make install



--verbose           Prints extra output
--cidrfile=FILE     File containing the CIDR blocks to look for
--asnfile=FILE      File containing the Autonomous System Numbers to look for
--or                By default, if both --cidrfile and --asnfile are given, 
		    bgpuma looks for matches that satisfy both lists.  This 
	            flag turns that match into an or.
--update=FILE       The BGP Update file that is searched
--enddate=YYYYMMDD  The startdate and enddate flags go together.  This gives 
		    a date range to search the BGP Update files.  
--dir=DIR           The directory containing the Update files used in the 
		    date range examination
--outfile=FILE      The output file for the results.  By default it goes to 
                    standard out.
--file=FILE         A file contaning a list of files to search in

For the --dir flag, bgpuma understands the directory structure set up by both 
RIPE and Routeviews for storing BGP Updates.  It expects that the directory 
given contains one directory for each router.  The subdirectories within 
the router directories are then either:




It is also expected that the updates have the string 'update' in the file name.

On the other hand, you can use the --file=FILE flag and give bgpuma a list of 
files to read.