A n98-magerun module port of the great cache benchmark script by Colin Mollenhour.
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n98-magerun module: Magento cache backend benchmark

This script was ported from great Magento cache benchmark script provided by Colin Mollenhour. You can find the original here: https://github.com/colinmollenhour/magento-cache-benchmark/

This script only works as n98-magerun module.

Installation in your user module folder

mkdir -p ~/.n98-magerun/modules
cd ~/.n98-magerun/modules
git clone https://github.com/cmuench/magerun-module-cache-benchmark.git


Run the init command.

$> n98-magerun.phar cache:benchmark:init

There are many parameter. To see a complete list run:

$> n98-magerun.phar cache:benchmark:init --help

To test the tags run:

$> n98-magerun.phar cache:benchmark:tags

To analyse your cache run:

$> n98-magerun.phar cache:benchmark:analyse

To test compression libs run:

$> n98-magerun.phar cache:benchmark:comp_test <lib>