JCloudApp - easy uploading of screenshots and files to CloudApp (tm) - cross-platform.
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works with regenwolken

JCloudApp is inspired by GloudApp and provides a similar feature set including taking screenshots and uploading files to CloudApp via a status/tray icon. It runs on all major platforms like Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.


  • Take full screenshot and upload it
  • Upload content of clipboard:
    • text
    • files (e.g. copied from your file explorer)
    • images (works well with "Snipping Tool" under Windows)
  • Upload file by file chooser dialog
  • Save your login and share it nicely with GloudApp and cloudapp-cli

The resulting URL will always appear in your clipboard after finished upload.


Make sure you have Java (JRE) installed. Download a recent JCloudApp. Extract the archive. Double-click the jcloudapp.jar in the new jcloudapp directory. If this doesn't work, use one of the launch scripts for your platform.

Special guest: Windows users

The screenshot upload workflow is especially suited for Windows users since they have this little nifty tool called Snipping Tool:

  • Press the Windows key/open start menu and type snip, the first match should be the Snipping Tool program
  • Hit enter
  • You are now in the position to select a portion of your screen to upload, simply click and drag a rectangle
  • On release the shown portion is already in your clipboard so now simply double-click JCloudApp's icon in the task bar to upload
  • Wait upon the upload-finished notification
  • Now you have the URL to your image in your clipboard, paste it in some chat/on twitter/somewhere and have fun


Just clone JCloudApp from this repository and run in order to retrieve dependencies and compile:

ant resolve build

(You'll need Apache Ivy that uses maven repositories to lookup and download dependencies.)


JCloudApp builds on top of some good libraries:


To Jan Graichen for his nice art work! (borrowed from GloudApp)


JCloudApp is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE for more information.