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  1. Map Right Click menu
    • remove menu when there are no sub menus added by widgets.
  2. BaseMap Widget:
    • Basemap no longer blinks if mapStartBasemap is the same as the map's initial basemap
  3. Identify Widget:
    • Identify now works without the TOC widget. Previously unknown dependency on old TOC widget has been removed.
    • Identify widget no longer returns "invisible" features from layer using a layerDefinitions query.
    • If the legend widget was not included in the application, the Layer name was "undefined" in the drop-down list of the Identify User Interface

New Features

  1. Configurable Heading, Sub Heading and Page Title
    • The application heading, subheading and page title can be configured within the config/viewer.
  2. New LayerControl Widget:
    • A map layer control widget to replace the TOC (still available):
      • Toggle layer visibility
      • Layer menu with Zoom To Layer, Transparency and Layer Swipe
      • Legends for ArcGIS layers
      • Sublayer/folder structure and toggling for ArcGIS dynamic layers
      • Layer reordering in map and LayerControl widget
      • Separate vector and overlay layers (required for layer reordering)
      • Supports dynamic, feature, tiled and image (more coming)
    • In a first effort towards improved documentation, the LayerControl widget includes a detailed readme. More documentation for other widgets is coming soon.


  1. Find Widget:
    • Perform a Find by pressing return after providing your search criteria. It is no longer necessary to click the "Submit" button.
    • "Find Exact Matches Only" is now unchecked by default.
  2. Identify Widget:
    • Can now click on a graphic created by another widget (i.e, Find) and Identify the features below it.
    • Can now suppress the automatic generation of infoTemplates for layers/sublayers that have not been explicitly defined in config/identify.
    • Centralized management of infoTemplates for feature layers and other graphic layers when switching from identify mode to other map click modes.
  3. Measurement Widget
    • Measurement stop when the Measurement title pane is closed.
  4. Drawing Widget
    • Drawings are cleared when the Drawing title pane is closed. Let us know if this interferes with your workflow.
  5. MapClick Mode:
    • Changing the map click mode to one of the various options: draw, editor, measure, identify, streetview is now handled with dojo topics. All relevant widgets subscribe to the same topic and respond accordingly.
  6. Side panes
    • Any pane can be collapsed (minimized) at application start up by using the new open: false parameter in the `config/viewer.
    • A widget can open/close a pane by publishing a topic.
  7. Configuration
    • The configuration files in the config folder are no longer minified in the viewer.zip file for a release making it easier to deploy and configure CMV in production environments.
  8. Development:
    • new 'isDebug entry in config/viewer to enable help with debugging CMV applications
    • new centralized Error Handling while debugging. No more console.log() statements.
    • cleaned up code indents, inconsistent spacing and undefined variables.


The CMV project has a landing page: http://cmv.io/


The CMV organization has a landing page on GitHub: http://cmv.github.io/


Demo site

The demo site has a new home: http://demo.cmv.io/viewer/

Download options

  1. If you are want to deploy a CMV application to production and simply want to configure the viewer with you own layers and select from included widgets, use the viewer.zip download as it is built and ready to go.
  2. If you are a developer and want to create your own widgets, download a source package.