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CNAB Community

Welcome to the CNAB community!

This project collects the shared information about the CNAB projects that are under the auspices of the CNAB Foundation.


Join us on the CNCF Slack for discussions. We can be found in the #cnab channel.

We have public developer meetings every other Wednesday. Meeting minutes, recordings, and times can all be found on the CNAB site.

Governance and Guidelines

  • Governance: Explanation of the foundation and its operations.


  • Code of Conduct needs to be placed here and referenced from other projects
  • Links to the official working group projects

What Can Be Found Here

This is the location of official CNAB community material ranging from governance documents to shared assets and information with the CNAB community. Examples of content that we would love to have contributed are:

  • architectural diagrams
  • pictures and logos for slides and websites for others to reuse
  • slides for talks that others can give at meetups
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