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Cloud Native Computing Foundation Meetups

Program description

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation supports the worldwide community of the Cloud Native meetups (they are listed on website.

CNCF is currently working on expanding the Cloud Native community around the globe, and we are happy to accept the new meetup communities to join our network, and become one of the official CNCF meetups.

If you are interested in joining the list of official CNCF meetups, please take a look at "How to apply?" section below.

Meetup Best Practices

This page provides guidance on starting a new meetup group based on the experience of existing ones.

Here is a list of suggestions and tips to get you started:

Create the meetup

If you start a brand new meetup that aims to cover the whole Cloud Native landscape, we recommend to use one of the following naming convention:

Cloud Native Computing <Location>
Kubernetes <Location>
Prometheus <Location>
<Other CNCF-hosted project name> <Location>

The description of the group is left to the discretion of the organizers.

A brief description of the role of the CNCF and the Cloud Native approach could be added.

You can use text from the Cloud Native Definition.

In order for your meetup to be the as visible as possible you should add a relevant list of tags.

(For example, "Cloud Computing", "DevOps", "Cloud Native", "Docker", "Containers", "Serverless", "Microservices", "Kubernetes", etc.)

The most important thing is to keep an active group, with frequent events (ideally once a month).

Sustaining a group yourself can be difficult to manage. Ideally you should have a team of passionate and committed co-organizers.

Joining forces helps spread the load and expands the network.

Find Speakers

You should provide some kind of form in order to allow people to submit their talk proposal similar to this:

Note: Make a copy! Please do not edit that form.

When possible take care to review their presentations.

Attend conferences (e.g. DockerCon, CloudNativeCon...) where you can find speakers and meet a lot of people who use or are involved in the CNCF projects that may be interested in joining your group.

Find sponsors/place

You should contact local technology companies. Many of them are interested in hosting such kind of events.

It is better to find a place in a central location. Downtown would be ideal because it's easier to access for most of attendees.

Schedule a new event

First of all don't forget to thank your sponsors.

Then the most important information is about the agenda, each talk description should contains:

- A short bio of the speaker
- An attractive title
- A paragraph describing the content of the presentation/demo

If you're planning a hands-on demo, you should ensure that the WiFi can handle the number of attendees.

Furthermore you should check you're not limited by some kind of quotas (Cloud provider).

The choice of date and time matters. Most of meetups choose Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays after work.


If you're limited by the room capacity, you should do an overbooking.

Most of the time there are 30% of people who RSVP but they never come.

You should think about sending a reminder message to the meetup group to ask the people to free their place if they can't come.

Post event

If possible you should record videos of the presentations and take pictures for social media and the event page to share afterwards.

You should also share the slides with all members after the event.

CNCF swag

If you're a newly created meetup and added to, please reach out to for a complimentary $50 swag certificate to the CNCF store.

Ask for help

If you have any other questions, you can ask them in the CNCF Slack.

How to apply?

  • The meetup group has to be created following the best practices, decribed above.
  • We accept only active meetup communities. Please, ensure that:
    • at least three successful meetups were held before applying
    • at least one meetup was held during the last 60 days before applying
  • If all the requirements above are satisfied, please apply via filling the form.

Code of Conduct

CNCF Meetup program follows the CNCF Code of Conduct.

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