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CNCF Mentoring Initiatives

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) participates in a variety of mentoring programs. CNCF is a great place to spend a summer learning, coding, participating and contributing. We are an exciting open source foundation with a vibrant community of projects, and we look forward to your application and your project ideas!

Organization Admins

If you need help with anything mentoring at CNCF, you can file an issue at this repo or reach out to us at the #mentoring channel on CNCF Slack.

Organization admins for specific mentorship programs are listed on the programs respective pages.


Please reach out to us on the #mentoring channel on the CNCF slack. Please don't use DMs unless strictly necessary as doing so both has the potential of overwhelming project maintainers and others with similar questions lose the benefit of public discussion.

It's best if you use a public communication channel whenever possible; however, if you need to communicate in private, please feel free to send the admins a note via (please use the public channels for any project-related discussion).

Success Stories

Matei David

Goutham Veeramachaneni

My journey to becoming a TiKV contributor

Largest graduating class with 28 successful CNCF interns!

Cleo mentorship

Arsh mentorship

Mentoring Programs

Program Purpose Details and historical data
LFX Mentorship (ex-CommunityBridge) Mentoring initiative by the Linux Foundation lfx-mentorship
Google Summer of Code Mentoring program for the students summerofcode
Google Season of Docs Mentoring initiative for the technical writers seasonofdocs
Outreachy Mentoring initiative for the communities traditionally underrepresented in tech outreachy
CROSS The CROSS Research Experiences program provides support for undergraduate and graduate students contributing to CROSS incubator projects. CROSS

Program Statistics

Year Program Internships Total (per year)
2021 LFX Mentorship (CommunityBridge) 80 99 (in progress)
GSoC 17
GSoD 1
Outreachy 1
2020 LFX Mentorship (CommunityBridge) 50 71
GSoC 16
GSoD 4
Outreachy 1
2019 CommunityBridge 4 20
GSoC 15
Outreachy 1
2018 GSoC 7 8
Outreachy 1
2017 GSoC 6 8
Outreachy 2

LFX (ex-Community Bridge)


Mentoring Project Mentor Name(s) Mentee Name
CNCF - Kubernetes SIG Storage: Kubernetes working group for CSI driver Andy Zhang Manohar Reddy
CNCF - Kubernetes WG Policy: CIS Benchmarks Policy Report Jim Bugwadia Mritunjay Sharma
CNCF - Kubernetes SIG Architecture: Develop tools for evaluating dependency updates to Kubernetes Davanum Srinivas Arsh Sharma
CNCF - Keptn: Improve Prometheus integration and exposure of Prometheus metrics J眉rgen Etzlstorfer Raj Babu Das
CNCF - Keptn: Generate service skeleton via CLI Hemanth Krishna Hemanth Krishna
CNCF - Kyverno: Monitor Kyverno with Prometheus Yashvardhan Kukreja Yashvardhan Kukreja
CNCF - Kyverno: Integration of Kyverno with Litmus for chaos testing Shuting Zhao, Jim Bugwadia Mahfuza Mohona
CNCF - OpenTelemetry: Work through OpenTelemetry User Research Documentation and Implement Fixes Bob Strecansky Ndubuisi Onyemenam
CNCF - TiKV: Coprocessor plugin Andy Lok Andreas Zimmerer
CNCF - Tremor: Support for Syslog Protocol Anup Dhamala, Matthias Wahl Nupur Agrawal
CNCF - Tremor: Continuous benchmarking and benchmarking infrastructure Darach Ennis, Anup Dhamala Akshat Agarwal
CNCF - Tremor: Property-based tests for tremor-script Heinz Gies, Matthias Wahl Rohit Dandamudi
CNCF - Tremor: Google Cloud Connector Heinz Gies, Darach Ennis Jigyasa Khaneja
CNCF - Chaos Mesh: Chaos Engineering as a Service Xiang Wang Shivansh Saini
CNCF - Chaos Mesh: Enriching AWS chaos Xiang Wang, Zhiqiang Zhou Debabrata Panigrahi
CNCF - KubeEdge: Design more tests for specific scenarios of edge computing Fisher Xu Shubham Gupta
CNCF - KubeEdge: Integration and verification of third-party CNI/CSI based on the edge side list-wat Fisher Xu Avinash Mutham
CNCF - Thanos: Multi-Tenant Instrumentation for Thanos operations Yash Sharma, Kemal Akkoyun Abhishek Singh Chauhan
CNCF - Thanos: Stateless Ruler Lucas Serv茅n Mar铆n, Bartlomiej P艂otka Michael Okoko
CNCF - Thanos: Vertical Block Sharding Bartlomiej P艂otka, Kemal Akkoyun Biswajit Ghosh
CNCF - Thanos: gRPC Exemplars API Prem Saraswat, Lucas Serv茅n Mar铆n Hitanshu Mehta
CNCF - Crossplane: Automated end-to-end testing infrastructure Jared Watts, Daniel Mangum Rahul Grover
CNCF - OpenEBS: An easy to use command-line interface (CLI) for OpenEBS Kiran Mova Parth Shandilya
CNCF - OpenEBS: Grafana Dashboards for monitoring OpenEBS Kiran Mova Rahul Agrawal
CNCF - Volcano: System Stability Enhancement Lei Wu Yuchen Cheng
CNCF - LitmusChaos: Add event & alerts infrastructure to the litmus portal Soumya Ghosh Dastidar Shubham Kumar
CNCF - SPIFFE/SPIRE: Design and implement a health/status subsystem in SPIRE Evan Gilman, Andrew Harding Sachin Singh
CNCF - Cloud Native Buildpacks: Design and implement Buildpack Registry Search Joe Kutner Aswin Timalsina


CNCF Projects Community Bridge Project Mentor Name(s) Mentee Name Blog post
Chaos Mesh Create a debug information collector for Chaos Mesh Keao Yang, Cwen Yin Shuyang Wu
Keptn Keptn CLI to support multiple contexts like KUBECONFIG J眉rgen Etzlstorfer, Christian Kreuzberger, Andreas Grimmer Ankit Jain CommunityBridge Mentee with Keptn
KubeEdge Support list-watch from edgecore for applications on the edge Kevin Wang, Fei Xu Rachel Shao
KubeEdge Use device API both on cloud and edge Kevin Wang, Fei Xu Jinyong Mao
KubeEdge Add EdgeGateway as the ingress gateway on Edge Kevin Wang, Fei Xu Zhiling Feng
Kubernetes Create Application for Elections Authenticated by External Oauth Josh Berkus, Marky Jackson Manish Sahani
Kubernetes Kubernetes working group for CSI driver Andy Zhang Mayank Shah
Open Service Mesh Support for WebAssembly filters Lee Calcote, Dev Kalra Kush Trivedi
OpenTelemetry ETW exporter Max Golovanov Mishal Shah
OpenTelemetry OpenTelemetry to FluentBit exporter Sergey Kanzhelev Aditya Prajapati
Prometheus Add various post processing steps in query API after PromQL execution Bartek Plotka, Ganesh Vernekar Gayathri Venkatesh
Service Mesh Interface Standards validation for OSM and Kuma Lee Calcote, Abishek Kumar Dhruv Patel
Thanos Receive: Hashring Update Improvements Lucas Serv茅n Mar铆n, Frederic Branczyk T.S.S. Chandana
Thanos UI Enhancements Kemal Akkoyun, Bartek Plotka Raphael Noriode
TiKV Support ENUM / SET push down for TiKV Coprocessor Chi Zhang Hao Ding
TiKV Support rbac control for data accessing in TiKV Song Gao, Yutong Liang Yanning Chen
Volcano Implement hierarchy queue to better support fair-share Lei Wu Wangqian Qian
Volcano Customize scheduling algorithms per queue Leibo Wang Srestha Srivastava
Volcano Implement specific job types to improve usability Leibo Wang Liang Tang
CNCF Projects Community Bridge Project Mentor Name(s) Mentee Name Blog post
Argo Enhancing Developer Experience with Open Application Model Deployment using Argo CD Ken Owens Darshan Chaudhary
CoreDNS External health check and orchestration of CoreDNS in Kubernetes clusters Yong Tang Jayesh Sharma
Envoy Improve Envoy observability for http module Kateryna Nezdolii Ranjith Kumar Adha
Fluentd Fluent Bit Monitoring Web UI Eduardo Silva Shivam Singhal
KubeEdge Support metrics-server in cloud Fei Xu Tiecheng Shen
KubeEdge Add certificate rotation for edge node Fei Xu Jiejie Xu
KubeVirt Kernel boot Fabian Deutsch, Daniel Belenky, Daniel Hiller Hritvi Bhandari
KubeVirt Improve Observability Fabian Deutsch, Daniel Belenky, Daniel Hiller Arthur Silva Sens My first real experience with Open Source
Kubernetes Multi-tenancy benchmark project Tasha Drew Divya Rani
Kubernetes Kubernetes working group for CSI driver Andy Zhang Animesh Kumar
Linkerd Service Topologies Thomas Rampelberg
Open Policy Agent OPA - MongoDB query translator Ash Narkar Vineeth Pothulapati
OpenEBS New storage backend using raw disk images Kiran Mova Mehran Kholdi
OpenEBS A easy to use command-line interface (CLI) for OpenEBS. Kiran Mova Harsh Thakur Crossing the Community Bridge
Prometheus Persist Retroactive Rule Reevaluations Callum Styan, Bartlomiej Plotka Jessica Grebenschikov
Prometheus Remote Write WAL Pointer + Other Improvements Callum Styan, Bartlomiej Plotka Nicole Jingco
Service Mesh Interface SMI Conformance with Meshery Lee Calcote, Vinayak Shinde Kanishkar J
Thanos Per Request Query Tracking and Limiting Povilas Versockas, Bartlomiej Plotka, Kemal Akkoyun Yash Sharma
Thanos Complete Katacoda tutorials Povilas Versockas, Bartlomiej Plotka, Kemal Akkoyun Sonia Singla Get the most out of Community Bridge Program
Thanos Versioned Website Docs Povilas Versockas, Bartlomiej Plotka, Kemal Akkoyun Uchechukwu Obasi
TiKV Full Chunk-based Computing Tianyi Zhuang, Wish Shi Chi Zhang My CommunityBridge Mentorship with TiKV Project
CNCF Projects Community Bridge Project Mentor Name(s) Mentee Name
Cortex Storage Plugins Goutham Veeramachaneni Vineeth Pothulapati
Fluentd Extending internal metrics support on Fluent Bit and improving Fluent Bit usability / user-experience Eduardo Silva and Masoud Koleini Atibhi Agarwal
Kubernetes Integrating the Tenant Operator with the hierarchical namespace controller Tasha Drew and Fei Guo Shivani Singhal
Kubernetes Kubernetes working group for CSI driver Andy Zhang Ji'an Liu
OpenTelemetry Implementing zPages for OpenTelemetry, integrations registry, libraries compatibility tests, and OpenTelemetry C# integration with Azure, Amazon, and Google Cloud metadata services Sergey Kanzhelev Harnidh Kaur
Prometheus Various React UI improvements and filtering label values API with matchers Krasi Georgiev and Julius Volz Boyko Lalov
Thanos Improving read write coordination for object storage and end to end benchmarking tests on demand through CI Bartek Plotka and Giedrius Statkevi膷ius Khyati Soneji


CNCF Projects Community Bridge Project Mentor Name(s) Mentee Name
Kubernetes Integrating kube-batch with pytorch-operator/mxnet-operator Klaus Ma Suryavanshi Virendrasingh
Kubernetes CSI Driver for Azure Disk Xia Zhang Priyanshu Khandelwal
CoreDNS Support Google Cloud DNS backend Yong Tang Palash Nigam



CNCF Projects GSoC Project Mentor Name(s) Mentee Name Blog post (optional)
CoreDNS Anomaly Detection of CoreDNS Server through Machine Learning Yong Tang Chanakya Ekbote
Cortex Selectively disable Indexing of labels Bryan Boreham, Ryan Zhang JayBatra
Envoy Distributed Load Testing of Envoy Data Planes Ryan Zhang, Lee Calcote, Shivay Lamba Kush Trivedi
in-toto Port runlib into in-toto golang Santiago Torres-Arias, Justin Cappos, Lukas P眉hringer Christian Rebischke link
Kubernetes Kubernetes Multitenancy Working Group: Benchmarks tashimi, Ryan Bezdicek, Jim Bugwadia Anuj Sharma
Kubernetes Do resource delivery around Kubernetes Jianbo Sun Wangqian Qian
Kubernetes Cluster Addons: Package all things! Justin Santa Barbara Somtochi Onyekwere link
Prometheus Develop local cluster provider for test-infa/prombench and extending test-infra Hrishikesh Barman Raj Babu Das
Prometheus Prometheus: Extending promtool for formatting PromQL expressions and YAML structure in rules files Ganesh Vernekar, Tobias Guggenmos Harkishen Singh
Prometheus Prometheus - Running prombench on EKS and update dashboards Hrishikesh Barman Drumil Patel
Rook Rewrite NFS Operator to use controller-runtime Ashish Ranjan, jbw976, Rohan Ahmad Nurus Shobah
Service Mesh Interface SMI Conformance Tool Lee Calcote Naveen Jain
Thanos Enriching and Extending Thanos UIs with React for Awesome User Experience Bartek Plotka, Squat, Giedrius Statkevi膷ius Prem Saraswat
Thanos Per Series Metric Retention - Thanos Matthias Loibl, Bartek Plotka Harshitha Chowdary Thota
TiKV Cloud Native KV-service Yi Wu Devdutt Shenoi
TiKV Versioned rawKV Yi Wu Hyungsuk Kang


CNCF Projects GSoC Project Mentor(s) Mentee
CoreDNS Support Source IP Based Query Block/Allow in CoreDNS Yong Tang An Xiao
Envoy/Linkerd Multi-mesh performance benchmark tool Lee Calcote Shahriyar Mammadov
Falco Falco engine performance analysis and optimization Loris Degioanni,Lorenzo Fontana,Leonardo Di Donato Mattia Lavacca
Kubernetes Add Plugin Mechanism to the Dashboard Marcin Maciaszczyk, Sebastian Florek Ajat Prabha
Kubernetes Add Support for Custom Resource Definitions to the Dashboard Marcin Maciaszczyk, Sebastian Florek Elijah Oyekunle
Kubernetes Implement volume snapshotting support into the external Manila provisioner Tom谩拧 Smetana R贸bert Va拧ek
Kubernetes Kubernetes with hardware devices topology awareness at node level Lei Zhang, Jian He, Kai Zhang Junjun LI
Kubernetes Run GPU sharing workloads with Kubernetes + Kubeflow Lei Zhang,Jian He,Kai Zhang Jianbo Ma
Open Policy Agent IPTables Integration with OPEN POLICY AGENT(OPA) Tim Hinrichs, Reinaldo Penno Urvil Patel
Prometheus Extending Prombench and adding rule formatting for Prometheus Krasi Georgiev Hrishikesh Barman
Prometheus GitHub integrated benchmarking tool for Prometheus TSDB Krasi Georgiev Vladimir Masarik
Prometheus Optimize queries using regex matchers for set lookups & Postings compression Ganesh Vernekar Zhiqi WANG
rkt Add support for the OCI runtime spec by implementing a runc stage2 Alban Crequy, Iago L贸pez Galeiras Alejandro Germain
Rook Enable multiple network interfaces for Rook storage providers Dmitry Yusupov Giovan Isa Musthofa
TiKV Proposal for Auto-tune RocksDB Wu Yuanli Wang


CNCF Projects GSoC Project Mentor(s) Mentee
containerd Integrate Containerd with Katacontainers Harry Zhang Jian Liu
CoreDNS Conditional Name Server Identifier - CoreDNS Miek Gieben, Yong Tang, John Belamaric Jiacheng Xu
Envoy Extending Envoy's fuzzing coverage Matt Klein, Constance Caramanolis, Harvey Tuch Anirudh M
Kubernetes Storage API for Aggregated API Servers David Eads, Stefan Schimanski Marko Mudrini膰
Prometheus Building a testing & benchmarking environment for Prometheus Krasi Georgiev, gouthamve Harsh_Agarwal
Prometheus Composite Label Indices & Alerts rule testing gouthamve Ganesh Vernekar
Rook Add Network File System (NFS) as a Rook storage backend Travs Nielsen, jbw976 Rohan Gupta


CNCF Projects GSoC Project Mentor(s) Mentee
Kubernetes Create and implement a Data model to standardize Kubernetes logs Miguel P茅rez Colino Amit Kumar Jaiswal
Kubernetes Develop a set of Jupyter Notebooks for the Kubernetes Python Client + Kubernetes Python Client update Sebastien Goasguen Konrad Djimeli
CoreDNS dnstap Middleware Miek Gieben, John Belamaric Antoine D.
Kubernetes Improve Third Party Resources Stefan Schimanski Nikhita Raghunath
OpenTracing instrument OpenTracing with go-restful web framework Wu Sheng, Ted Young MINGQIANG LIANG

Code of Conduct

CNCF Mentoring programs follow the CNCF Code of Conduct.


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