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CNCF Project Archiving Process v1.0

Open source projects have a lifecycle and there are times that projects become inactive due to a variety of reasons. There are also cases where a project may no longer want to be supported by the TOC, or the TOC may no longer wish to recommend the use of a project.

Archiving Criteria

When voting on a proposal to archive a project, TOC members may wish to consider whether the project continues to meet the criteria for CNCF acceptance. The TOC may also look at activity levels in the project (, although it is important to note that there is a difference between a mature project that doesn't get much attention any more but is stable, versus a project that is inactive.

Voting Process

To archive a project:

  • A proposal must be put forth to the TOC repo
  • The TOC will inform the project maintainers, CNCF end user community and wider community of all archiving proposals
  • The proposal must remain open for at least 2 weeks of discussion after the maintainers are informed.
  • A vote must be finalized with 2/3 approval from the TOC

Archiving Process

What does archiving for a CNCF project mean?

  • CNCF will no longer provide support for the project via service desk
  • CNCF will list archived projects online
  • Trademarks and domain names of archived projects are still hosted by the CNCF and the Linux Foundation
  • CNCF can provide services such as documentation updates to help transition users.
  • Other CNCF marketing activities will no longer be provided for the project

Reactivating an Archived Project

Any project can be reactivated into CNCF by following the normal project proposal and/or sandbox process.