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Waffle is a Python library for storing data in a schema-less, document oriented way using a relational database

Similar designs:


  • Easy sharding: spread your data load across machines
  • Flexible schema; schema changes can be online and as flexible as you want (most databases require a full table copy).
  • May obviate the need for complex ORM tools and queries in your application since you can store objects directly
  • Record versioning (unimplemented)
  • Client side replication (unimplemented)
  • Indices can be created and populated online
  • Indices can be created on separate databases
  • Index values can be customized on the client side (for example MySQL only lets you customize the prefix)
  • Works with any database SQLAlchemy supports (SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle)


  • Your records are stored in an opaque format the server cannot inspect. This can jeopardize platform neutrality and maintainability. For example if you choose to use encode your object data with Pickle (Python's main serialization format), you probably won't be able to access your data from other languages without first exporting it to a compatible format.
  • Along the same lines, your record data will no longer be directly queryable with your SQL client
  • Because the record data is opaque to the server, table-scan queries will executed on the client instead of the server. This will likely be much slower than a table scan on the server side since there will be additional latency costs for marshalling the data over the network and filtering it on the client side.
  • Eventual consistency; Since indices are updated in transactions and connections separate from the main record update, indices are eventually consistent but not atomically consistent with the record update.

Requirements So Far

  • Python
  • SQLAlchemy (0.5.x but 0.4.x will probably work fine)
  • Kindred spirit

Small Example:

import time

import sqlalchemy
import waffle

_engines = [

# Define a blog post entity that's searchable by time

def to_time(record):
    yield {'time': int(time.mktime(record.created.timetuple()))}

time_idx = waffle.Index('blog_time', 
    columns=[sqlalchemy.Column('time', sqlalchemy.Integer())], 

class BlogPost(waffle.Record):
    def __init__(self, **kwargs):
        kwargs.setdefault('value', {'body': '', 'title': ''})
        super(BlogPost, self).__init__(**kwargs)

blog_posts = waffle.Entity('blog', engines=_engines, indices=[time_idx], record_class=BlogPost)

# Create the table and indices if they don't already exist

# Make a new blog post
blog_post =
blog_post.value['title'] = 'My First Blog Post'
blog_post.value['body'] = 'It\'s a sunny day in San Francisco.'

# Save it

# Print the blog posts for today:
# (prints => My First Blog Post)
for blog_post in >= (time.time() - 86400)):
    print blog_post.value['title']


Python library for schema-less, sharded data (ala CouchDB, FriendFeed)







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