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These are the sources (in the 'webroot' folder) for an experimental website, to look at possible presentations of the outputs of the COAR Next Generation Repositories Working Group

These sources can be compiled into a functioning, 'static-HTML' website using Hugo

Instructions for using Hugo with these website sources

In the instructions below, <LOCAL_FOLDER> refers to the folder containing your checked-put working-copy of this Github repository.

The Hugo documentation is comprehensive and useful.

Any changes committed to this repository, or pushed to this repository from a remote checked out copy, will automatically rebuild the website at

Serving the website on your local machine with Hugo

  1. Install Hugo (instructions)

  2. In a terminal, issue the following commands:

    git clone <LOCAL_FOLDER>
    cd <LOCAL_FOLDER>/webroot
    hugo server
  3. Got to http://localhost:1313/ with your web browser

Creating a new web-page

  1. cd <LOCAL_FOLDER>/webroot
  2. hugo new <NAME_OF_WEB_PAGE>.md


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