Cobalt is a web and native framework to create mobile applications that can mix web technologies and native technologies.
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First, have a look on this brief technical introduction to Cobalt to understand basic principles of the framework.

The full documentation Wiki is here.


1) Install Android Studio or XCode

This step can take some time. If you already have them on your computer, be sure to have latest XCode version and lastest SDK and JDK for Android Studio.

2) Install Git if not already on your system

Try the samples

Choose a sample between HelloWorld, SideMenu, Catalog and git clone it for your platform :

git clone
git clone

Then go to the cloned folder and don't forget to init git submodules :

git submodule update --init

Then, open the iOS or Android project and enjoy !

Alternatively you can add Cobalt to an existing project :

Something not clear ?

Read the FAQ or ask us in the issues tracker. We will be glad to help !

Where to go from here ?

Dive in, jump to the documentation wiki, there is great guides to help you :

Follow @cobaltians on Twitter or check out the blog for updates.