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This extensions uses the TYPO3 CMS Core API to provide the possibility to define additional tabs in the link browser to create links directly to specific records.

Originally the "linkhandler" was created by AOE GmbH. This fork progressively drifted away from the original and has now been nearly fully rewritten for TYPO3 CMS 7 LTS, using its new API.

Default configurations are provided for both "news" and "tt_news" extensions.

For a version compatible with TYPO3 CMS 6.2, please use the TYPO3_6-2 branch.


The configuration comes in two parts. TSconfig is used to define the tabs for the link browser and TypoScript is used to define how to build the typolinks when rendering the links.


Default configurations can be included in any page using the new "Include Page TSConfig (from extensions):" feature when editing the "Resources" tab of a page.

This is the TSconfig used for linking to news records of extension "news":

// Page TSconfig for registering the linkhandler for "news" records
TCEMAIN.linkHandler.tx_news {
	handler = Cobweb\Linkhandler\RecordLinkHandler
	label = LLL:EXT:linkhandler/Resources/Private/Language/
	configuration {
		table = tx_news_domain_model_news
	scanBefore = page

If you would like to link to any other type of record, just duplicate that configuration and change the label and configuration.table options.

You will also need to change the key used in the definition, i.e. tx_news in the above example. Make sure you use a unique key, otherwise your new configuration will override another one.

Leave the other options untouched.

Additional options exist and are described below:


Forces the link browser to open directly in the page with the given id.


Set to 1 to complete hide the page tree. This is particularly useful in conjunction with the storagePid option above, since it makes it possible to work with just a list of records without having to click around the page tree.


Numbered array of page uid's which will be used instead of the full page tree.

The syntax is a numbered array:

pageTreeMountPoints {
	1 = 18
	2 = 91


Include TS static templates as needed.

Again let's consider the configuration for "news" as an example

plugin.tx_linkhandler.tx_news {

	// Do not force link generation when the news records are hidden or deleted.
	forceLink = 0

	typolink {
		parameter = {$}
		additionalParams = &tx_news_pi1[news]={field:uid}&tx_news_pi1[controller]=News&tx_news_pi1[action]=detail
		additionalParams.insertData = 1
		useCacheHash = 1

Note that the configuration key (i.e. tx_news) needs to be the same as the one used for the TSconfig part. The configuration is straight TS using the "typolink" function.

Special configuration options


Set to 1 to force the link generation even if the record is hidden, deleted or the user is not allowed to access it.


This configuration is needed when creating a link directly with TypoScript and not in a content element. For example, with such a code: {
	10 = TEXT
	10 {
		typolink {
			mergeWithLinkhandlerConfiguration = 1
			parameter = record:tx_news:tx_news_domain_model_news:11 - foo "Link from TS menu"
			returnLast = url

In this case we want the returnLast = url parameter to be merged with the default rendering configuration. With the mergeWithLinkhandlerConfiguration = 1 we tell "linkhandler" to do just that.


A single hook is provided. It can be used to manipulate most of the data from the \Cobweb\Linkhandler\TypolinkHandler class before the typolink is actually generated. An example usage could be to change the link target pid dynamically based on some values from the record being linked to.

Hook usage should be declared in an extension's ext_localconf.php file:

$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXTCONF']['linkhandler']['generateLink'][] = 'Foo\Bar\MyParameterProcessor';

The declared class must implement interface \Cobweb\Linkhandler\ProcessLinkParametersInterface. It can use the many getters and setters of \Cobweb\Linkhandler\TypolinkHandler to read and write data.

Soft reference handling

Extension "linkhandler" provides a soft reference parser which will pick any record being linked to and update the system references accordingly.

Linkvalidator support

This extension hooks into linkvalidator for checking record links. It is automatically activated. In case you want to disable it, you can use the following Page TSconfig:

To use it you have to adjust your linkvalidator TSConfig:

mod.linkvalidator.linktypes := removeFromList(tx_linkhandler)

There is an additional configuration option that allows the reporting of links that point to disabled records (hidden, start tieme not met yet, etc):

mod.linkvalidator {
	tx_linkhandler.reportHiddenRecords = 1


The extension provides a command-line tool to migrated old record references to new ones. Older versions of "linkhandler" used a 3-part syntax to point to a recored, i.e. record:table:uid. The current version uses a 4-part syntax (record:key:table:uid) which makes it possible to have several tabs/configurations for the same table.

To migrate old links, call the following:

/path/to/php typo3/cli_dispatch.phpsh extbase linkmigration:migrate

This will migrate links found in fields "tt_content.header_link", "tt_content.bodytext" and "". To migrate data in other fields, use the "--fields" option:

/path/to/php typo3/cli_dispatch.phpsh extbase linkmigration:migrate,tx_foo.baz

For each table to which you had old links, the migration tool will ask you to enter a configuration key, which should correspond to the configuration keys you have declared in your TSconfig and TypoScripts configurations. This key will be added to the existing links to make them syntactically correct again.

Note that 4-part links are left untouched by this tool, so it is okay to run it several times on the same fields (should that happend for whatever reason).

As with all tools that modify your database, please make a backup before running it!

Tips & Tricks

Link browser width

You can use TSConfig to increase the with of the link browser windows in the backend. The default size is a bit too small especially when have those extra tabs.

	default {
		buttons {
			link {
				dialogueWindow {
					width = 800