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alfred shit dun changed
atom/atom.symlink update everything
bin add brew/cask stuff, other tweaks
git kill more stuff now being done in ricochet
homebrew update everything
icons/Macintosh HD add hdd icon
iterm add solarized dark iterm colors
keyremap4macbook add KeyRemap4MacBook private.xml, with r800 remote keynote fixes
node add NVM script loader, move some stuff out of zshrc
rails kill more stuff now being done in ricochet
sublime update from vulcan
vim minor tweaks, also changes from boxen
virtualbox add a virtualbox script for the ie vms - commented out atm
zsh kill more stuff now being done in ricochet
.gitignore kill some cruft from this .gitignore
LICENSE Rename License to LICENSE
README.markdown update the README
Rakefile improvements to rakefile


@cobyism’s dotfiles

Dotfiles are configuration and personalization files for various applications in use on computer systems. These are mine.


Clone this repository locally, and then install with rake.

git clone ~/.dotfiles
cd ~/.dotfiles

There are some other more specific rake commands you can use too.

rake install            # (default) Dotfiles: battle-stations! Prompt for orders if any already exist
rake install:backup     # Dotfiles: battle-stations! Backup any files that are already in place
rake install:overwrite  # Dotfiles: battle-stations! Overwrite any files that are already in place
rake install:skip       # Dotfiles: battle-stations! Skip any files that are already in place
rake uninstall          # Dotfiles: stand down!

How this works

The way this project works is simple.

  • Anything named in the form of <example>.symlink will be symlinked into ~/.<example> when you run rake. This applies to both files (e.g. zsh/zshrc.symlink is symlinked to ~/.zshrc) and folders (e.g. atom/atom.symlink is symlinked to ~/.atom).

  • Any files named in the form <example>.zsh get loaded into your environment when your shell starts.


I’d :heart: to receive contributions to this project. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a typo, or if you’re proposing an overhaul of the entire project—I’ll gladly take a look at your changes. Fork at will! :grinning:.


MIT. Have at it! :grinning:


There’s a very high probability that everything contained in this repo was blatantly stolen from one of the following places:

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