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@cobyism’s dotfiles

Dotfiles are configuration and personalization files for various applications in use on computer systems. These are mine.


Clone this repository locally, and then install with rake.

git clone ~/.dotfiles
cd ~/.dotfiles

There are some other more specific rake commands you can use too.

rake install            # (default) Dotfiles: battle-stations! Prompt for orders if any already exist
rake install:backup     # Dotfiles: battle-stations! Backup any files that are already in place
rake install:overwrite  # Dotfiles: battle-stations! Overwrite any files that are already in place
rake install:skip       # Dotfiles: battle-stations! Skip any files that are already in place
rake uninstall          # Dotfiles: stand down!

How this works

The way this project works is simple.

  • Anything named in the form of <example>.symlink will be symlinked into ~/.<example> when you run rake. This applies to both files (e.g. zsh/zshrc.symlink is symlinked to ~/.zshrc) and folders (e.g. atom/atom.symlink is symlinked to ~/.atom).

  • Any files named in the form <example>.zsh get loaded into your environment when your shell starts.


I’d :heart: to receive contributions to this project. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a typo, or if you’re proposing an overhaul of the entire project—I’ll gladly take a look at your changes. Fork at will! :grinning:.


MIT. Have at it! :grinning:


There’s a very high probability that everything contained in this repo was blatantly stolen from one of the following places:

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