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Native Python implementation of DBus for Twisted
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Tom Cocagne v1.0, July 2012


TxDBus is a native Python implementation of the DBus protocol for the Twisted networking framework.

In addition to a Tutorial, and collection of Examples, the documentation for this project also includes An Overview of the DBus Protocol

License: MIT

Usage Example

#!/usr/bin/env python

from twisted.internet import reactor, defer
from txdbus import error, client

def show_desktop_notification():
    Displays "Hello World!" in a desktop notification window for 3 seconds
    con = yield client.connect(reactor, 'session')

    notifier = yield con.getRemoteObject('org.freedesktop.Notifications',

    nid = yield notifier.callRemote('Notify',
                                    'Example Application', 
                                    'Tx DBus Example',
                                    'Hello World!',
                                    [], dict(),


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