This is a Colloquy theme inspired by Campfire's design but re-purposed for IRC communication. This branch of Succinct adds back blue coloring for Events and adds a Variant for showing no Events.
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Colloquy ( is a very nice IRC client for Mac OS X. It does, however, need some serious help in the area of useful chat styles.

Four reasons to love “Succinct” for Colloquy

  1. Simple clean design.
  2. Emphasizes what you need.
  3. De-emphasizes what you don’t.
  4. Customize what you hate.



  1. Copy the Succinct.colloquyStyle file to this folder in your home folder: Library -> Application Support -> Colloquy -> Styles

  2. Start or re-start Colloquy. (Typing "/reload style" in a Colloquy chat window may work, but is buggy.)

  3. Select the “Succinct” option from the Style drop-down.

  4. Choose the “Appearance Preferences…” to set Succinct as your default Colloquy chat style or to customize the colors via its “Customize Style…” button.


Additional bugfixes, usability improvements, and design comments are welcome! Just use GitHub to fork and make pull requests.