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Update ferny to c161ab97558. This gets us the finer-grained HostKeyError
subclasses from allisonkarlitskaya/ferny#15 and
the better `handle_known_hosts` behaviour from

Fix SshPeer to at raise `invalid-hostkey` instead of `unknown-host` for
the "changed key" case. Factorize the building of the PeerError.

TestMultiMachine.testTroubleshooting gets a little further now. It still
fails later on because of an unrelated error (UI expects `no-cockpit`,
but gets `peer-disconnected`), so keep the todo, but adjust its reason.

Fixes #18713


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June 1, 2023 09:56
May 24, 2023 05:52
November 1, 2013 13:42


A sysadmin login session in a web browser

Cockpit is an interactive server admin interface. It is easy to use and very lightweight. Cockpit interacts directly with the operating system from a real Linux session in a browser.

Using Cockpit

You can install Cockpit on many Linux operating systems including Debian, Fedora and RHEL.

Cockpit makes Linux discoverable, allowing sysadmins to easily perform tasks such as starting containers, storage administration, network configuration, inspecting logs and so on.

Jumping between the terminal and the web tool is no problem. A service started via Cockpit can be stopped via the terminal. Likewise, if an error occurs in the terminal, it can be seen in the Cockpit journal interface.

You can also easily add other machines that have Cockpit installed and are accessible via SSH and jump between these hosts.