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Feature: Automation scripts

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A way for automating certain tasks made on one machine to several machines. First case will be exporting an SELinux policy. Primary goal: export state from Machine A to Machine B, C & D Secondary goal: learn Ansible syntax(?!)


Adam is a system administrator at a company selling plants and flowers online. The business is expanding rapidly, and as they scale up their server park to meet increased website visits, they want to start dipping their toes into automation of some tasks, using Ansible. He needs to apply the SELinux policy on one of his web servers to 3 new servers that will also serve traffic, in a load balancing fashion.


Adam logs in to the server that has the SELinux policy he's happy about and that he wants to set on the other machines as well. He goes to the SELinux page, he then brings up the information that has the automation scripts and copies that info to his laptops clipboard. He then logs in to the host running Ansible Tower and pastes the info into a new script. He then runs it and verifies it works as expected.

Prior arty

Windows Server Azure




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