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fbx-conv can convert some middle format (such as fbx, blend, obj, etc) to .c3b or .c3t which are used by cocos2d-x.

Precompiled Binaries

You can download the precompiled binaries from


You'll need an installation of the FBX SDK 2014. Once installed, set the FBX_SDK_ROOT to the directory where you installed the FBX SDK. Then run the project which you want at "build/xxxx/" . These we generate Visual Studio and XCode project.

Command-line USAGE:

  • Windows - fbx-conv.exe [options] <input>
  • Mac - fbx-conv [options] <input>


  • -? -Display help information.
  • -f -Flip the V texture coordinates.
  • -m <size> -The maximum amount of vertices or indices a mesh may contain (default: 32k)
  • -n <size> -The maximum amount of bones a nodepart can contain (default: 40)
  • -v -Verbose: print additional progress information
  • -g -Whether you need to merge the same mesh which have the same vertex attribute
  • -a -Export c3b(binary) and c3t(text)
  • -b -Export c3b(binary)
  • -t -Export c3t(text)
  • -c <size> -The compression level: 0 , 1 (default: 0)
  • -l -Export model data only.
  • -j -Export animation data only.

###Example fbx-conv -a boss.FBX


  1. Model need to have a material.
  2. contain only one skeleton.


Special thanks to libgdx fbx-conv, We used their code and do some change.