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#Cocos Documentation User Manual

###Contributing to these docs Contributions to the Cocos documentation are always welcome. To edit a document, please fork the Cocos docs repository.


  • The en/ directory contains English contributions. The zh/ directory contains 中文 contributions.
  • Code blocks must be wrapped in this special code to work correctly:
    • C++ only code block:
      {% codetabs name="C++", type="cpp" -%}
      auto mySprite = Sprite::create("mysprite.png", Rect(0,0,40,40));
      {%- endcodetabs %}
  • Changes must be tested using gitbook build and gitbook serve, and must be tested in multiple web browsers. For more information, see the Requirements section below.
  • Submit completed changes via a pull request so they can be reviewed and merged.

###Requirements This documentation site is powered by GitBook. You need Node.js and npm to be able to build it.

To install gitbook:

npm install gitbook-cli -g

To install gitbook plugins:

gitbook install

###Preview and Build To preview the documentation site, run the following command in the cocos2d-x-docs directory:

gitbook serve

This command will build and launch a web server to host the site. It will also enable the livereload plugin, which ensures that changes to the markdown source files automatically trigger a rebuild of the documentation site.

To build the html markdown only, use this command:

gitbook build