A Java library for validating passwords against NIST SP-800-63B requirements.
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A Java library for validating passwords against NIST SP-800-63B requirements.

Add to your project


Note: module name for Java 9+ is com.codahale.passpol.

Use the thing

import com.codahale.passpol.BreachDatabase;
import com.codahale.passpol.PasswordPolicy;

class Example {
  void doIt() {
    final PasswordPolicy policy = new PasswordPolicy(BreachDatabase.haveIBeenPwned(5), 8, 64);
    // validate good passwords
    System.out.println(policy.check("this is a good, long password")); 
    // validate bad passwords
    // convert a unicode password to a normalized byte array suitable for hashing
    final byte[] bytes = PasswordPolicy.normalize("✊🏻 unicode 🔥 password");

How it works

PasswordPolicy checks passwords for minimum and maximum length (i.e. the number of Unicode codepoints in the string) and can check a set of breach databases to see if the password has been made public.

The built-in breach databases include an offline list of 100,000 weak passwords from Carey Li's NBP project and an online client for checking passwords against Have I Been Pwned?'s collection of breached passwords.

PasswordPolicy also provides the means to normalize Unicode passwords into a canonical byte array representation suitable for inputting into a password hashing algorithm like bcrypt.


Copyright © 2017-2018 Coda Hale

Distributed under the Apache License 2.0.