Simple tool allowing Neomake to properly lint when you're using PlatformIO.
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Easily configure neomake to recognize your PlatformIO project's include path.


  1. Install using your favorite Vim plugin manager.
  2. Run UpdateRemotePlugins.
  3. Restart Neovim.

Basic Use

call SetupPlatformioEnvironment('/path/to/your/platformio/project/')

Use with Local-vimrc

If you use vim-localvimrc you can automatically configure vim when you open a file in a project directory by doing two things:

  1. Adding an .lvimrc file containing the following line in the same level of your project that includes your platformio.ini file :

    call SetupPlatformioEnvironment(expand('<sfile>:p'))
  2. Disabling lvimrc sandboxing by setting the following setting in your ~/.config/nvim/init.vim:

    let g:localvimrc_sandbox = 0

Note that if you work on third-party projects, any code in those projects' .lvimrc files include could be executed outside the sandbox; if you disable the sandbox as described above, be sure to carefully examine the contents of unfamiliar paths when localvimrc asks you whether you'd like to source a new localvimrc configuration file!