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Trivia About Facts Surrounding Abraham Lincoln’s Assassination


This web project is an education tool that shows learners how JavaScript can alter an HTML page dynamically (DHTML). Because this project is being developed during April 2015, the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s passing, facts surrounding his assassination are used as the driving content of this example.

The state of this project is incomplete. This is done on purpose so learners can pick up where the project leaves off. Questions to consider:

  1. How should the multiple choice of this project be gauged? Should every incorrect try be tallied, then reported at the end? Should a timer be used to measure how long it takes a learner to achieve the correct answer? Is either of these methods effective in an online learning environment?

  2. On the user interface (UI) level, is it a good idea to disable the drop down menus once a learner chooses the correct answer? Should the questions remain on the screen once they’ve been correctly aswered?

  3. With regard to JavaScript, is there any portion of the code base that can be consolidated to make the project perform better?


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