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phpIPAM Ansible Modules

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This collection provides modules to manage entities in a phpIPAM. This is neither a collection of roles nor playbooks. It provides modules to write your own roles and/or playbooks.

We get a lot of inspiration from foreman-ansible-modules for our modules.


The collection is available via Ansible Galaxy. So you can run

ansible-galaxy collection install codeaffen.phpipam

Alternatively you can build and install the collection from source.

make dist
ansible-galaxy collection install codeaffen-phpipam-<version>.tar.gz


Current documentation can be found on


If you have installed the collection you can facilitate ansible-doc to display documentation for a given module.

ansible-doc codeaffen.phpipam.section

repository folder

A last option to read the docs is the docs folder in this repository.


The following dependencies have to be fulfiled by the Ansible controller.

  • colour
  • geopy
  • inflection
  • ipaddress
  • phpypam>=1.0.0

Need help?

If you’ve found any issues in this release please head over to github and open a bug so we can take a look.