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This project is archived. Create React App v2 introduced support for CSS Modules. We recommend using the native support for CSS Modules instead of this project.


Add CSS Module loaders to your create-react-app via react-app-rewired.

CSS Module styles can be written in CSS or SASS.


This package is not yet published to the npm registry. Install from GitHub:

yarn add --dev codebandits/react-app-rewire-css-modules sass-loader node-sass


npm install --save-dev codebandits/react-app-rewire-css-modules sass-loader node-sass


Use the following file extensions for any CSS Modules styles:

  • *.module.css
  • *.module.sass
  • *.module.scss

Files with the following file extensions will load normally, without the CSS Modules loader:

  • *.css
  • *.sass
  • *.scss


In your react-app-rewired configuration:

/* config-overrides.js */

const rewireCssModules = require('react-app-rewire-css-modules');

module.exports = function override(config, env) {
    // ...
    config = rewireCssModules(config, env);
    // ...
    return config;

In your React application:

// src/App.module.scss

.app {
  color: aqua;
  &:hover {
    color: lawngreen;
// src/App.js

import React from 'react';
import styles from './App.module.scss';

export default ({text}) => (
    <div className={}>{text}</div>
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