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Custom Slack Emojis

Slack Emoji Rules

  • Image can't be larger than 128px in width or height
  • Images must be under 64Kb
  • Square images work best
  • Use a transparent PNG or animated GIF for best results

(Helpful tool for creating GIFs EZgif animated GIF resizer)


Image Shortcut
alfaromeo alfaromeo
allthethings allthethings
ambulance ambulance
astonmartin astonmartin
avalanche avalanche
aws aws
aww-yeah aww-yeah
bentley bentley
blinker blinker
blinkeroriginal blinkeroriginal
branch branch
blond-tom-cruise blond-tom-cruise
bmw bmw
broncos broncos
broncosclassic broncosclassic
bueller bueller
carfax carfax
cartman cartman
catlockholmes catlockholmes
circleci circleci
clamps clamps
colorado colorado
cylon cylon
dancing-penguin dancing-penguin
delfino delfino
denver denver
docker docker
donbot donbot
ducks ducks
elixir elixir
elzar elzar
f1 f1
facepalm facepalm
ferrari ferrari
fingerscrossed fingerscrossed
fry fry
github github
godzilla godzilla
godzilla-breathing-fire godzilla-breathing-fire
goodnews goodnews
guanaco guanaco
happybirthday happybirthday
heroku heroku
hypnotoad hypnotoad
indeed indeed
italian-chef italian-chef
kitten kitten
kubernetes kubernetes
lamborghini lamborghini
lotus lotus
lrrr lrrr
mario-odyssey mario-odyssey
maserati maserati
mercedesbenz mercedesbenz
merge merge
nyancat nyancat
pfm pfm
philosoraptor philosoraptor
pickle-rick pickle-rick
pikachu-amaze pikachu-amaze
planet-express planet-express
phoenix phoenix
porsche porsche
raspberrypi raspberrypi
roberto roberto
rosalina rosalina
robot-devil robot-devil
ruby ruby
scruffy scruffy
semaphore semaphore
snow snow
staircar staircar
stallion stallion
stallions stallions
superbowl superbowl
swiss swiss
takemymoney takemymoney
tesla tesla
url url
warp-pipe warp-pipe
zoidberg zoidberg

Animated State Flags

Image Shortcut
flag-us-ak flag-us-ak
flag-us-al flag-us-al
flag-us-ar flag-us-ar
flag-us-az flag-us-az
flag-us-ca flag-us-ca
flag-us-co flag-us-co
flag-us-ct flag-us-ct
flag-us-de flag-us-de
flag-us-fl flag-us-fl
flag-us-ga flag-us-ga
flag-us-hi flag-us-hi
flag-us-ia flag-us-ia
flag-us-id flag-us-id
flag-us-il flag-us-il
flag-us-in flag-us-in
flag-us-ks flag-us-ks
flag-us-ky flag-us-ky
flag-us-la flag-us-la
flag-us-ma flag-us-ma
flag-us-md flag-us-md
flag-us-me flag-us-me
flag-us-mi flag-us-mi
flag-us-mn flag-us-mn
flag-us-mo flag-us-mo
flag-us-ms flag-us-ms
flag-us-mt flag-us-mt
flag-us-nc flag-us-nc
flag-us-nd flag-us-nd
flag-us-ne flag-us-ne
flag-us-nh flag-us-nh
flag-us-nj flag-us-nj
flag-us-nm flag-us-nm
flag-us-nv flag-us-nv
flag-us-ny flag-us-ny
flag-us-oh flag-us-oh
flag-us-ok flag-us-ok
flag-us-or flag-us-or
flag-us-pa flag-us-pa
flag-us-ri flag-us-ri
flag-us-sc flag-us-sc
flag-us-sd flag-us-sd
flag-us-tn flag-us-tn
flag-us-tx flag-us-tx
flag-us-ut flag-us-ut
flag-us-va flag-us-va
flag-us-vt flag-us-vt
flag-us-wa flag-us-wa
flag-us-wi flag-us-wi
flag-us-wv flag-us-wv
flag-us-wy flag-us-wy


Custom Slack Emojis







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