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Mobile-ID (Mobiil-ID) is a personal mobile identity in Estonia and Lithuania, provided by an additional application on a SIM card. The good thing is that it is backed by government and provides the same level of security for authentication and digital signatures as a national ID card without the need of having a smart card reader.

Java and Mobile-ID

The official Mobile-ID API is a SOAP web service, so it usually takes time to generate the code and start using it in a Java application.

This small library tries to solve this problem: just add the mobileid.jar (with dependencies) to your project and you have a working Mobile-ID support. It already contains all the generated classes (by axis v1) as well as a simplified API of our own.

The same jar works in Scala as well or any other JVM-based language.

You can also use Maven/Ivy/Gradle/SBT or your favorite dependency manager that can fetch jars from the official Maven2 repo:

com.codeborne :: mobileid


Just use the public methods in MobileIDAuthenticator class:

  • startLogin(phoneNumber) - to initiate the login session, which will send a flash message to your mobile phone. The returned MobileIDSession contains the challenge code that you need to display to the user.
  • waitForLogin(session) - to wait until user finally signs the challenge. This is a blocking call for simplicity.
  • isLoginComplete(session) - if you want to do polling from the client side

See working example in - run the main() method.


Many thanks to these incredible tools that help us creating open-source software:

Intellij IDEA

YourKit Java profiler


mobile-id is open-source project and distributed under MIT license

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