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Welcome to RePlay framework


RePlay is a fork of Play1! framework made by Codeborne.

This fork is significantly changed comparing to the original Play 1.5.0

The goal of this fork is to make some breaking changes that would not be possible in the original Play framework without breaking backward compatibility:

1. Remove all static fields/methods from Play itself (we believe in OOP)
2. Use dependency injection in Play itself and client code (controllers, jobs etc) – we choose Guice as a DI provider
3. Don’t store JARs in git repo, but fetch them with a Gradle
4. Make methods in controllers non-static
5. `play.result.Result` will not extend Exception anymore. Controllers should return Result (instead of throwing it)
6. Remove all built-in play modules (console, docviewer, grizzly, secure, testrunner)

Get the source

Fork the project source code on Github:

git clone git://


Play framework is distributed under Apache 2 licence.

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