mkurz Pass request to action methods / Add new Action class that takes a re…
…quest (#8639)

* Pass Java Request to JavaAction.invocation() method

* Pass JRequest as first arg to action method if route prefixed with +

* Introduce NewAction and make it work ;)

* lambada -> lambda

* NewAction -> PlayAction

* Make ctx) final

* Remove PlayAction

* Add

* Update docs from call(ctx) to call(req)

* Special handling for play.mvc.Http.Request route params

* Migration guide

* Deprecate context related methods in JavaHelpers

* isJRequest -> isJavaRequest

* Move constants to Parameter companion object

* Use flatMap

* Update migration guide as suggested by Marcos

* Don't use deprecated method in docs

* Fix formatting

* Injection happening through a public setter

* Test for mixing the old and new Action style

* Copy injected-routes-compilation and migrate controllers from Scala to Java

* Pass Request to actions and test reverse routing, etc.

* Copy aggregate-reverse-routes and migrate controllers from Scala to Java

* Pass Request to actions and test reverse routing

* Docs update like suggested by Marcos

Co-Authored-By: mkurz <>

* Once more updated docs like suggested by Marcos

Co-Authored-By: mkurz <>
Latest commit 45cd639 Oct 23, 2018

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