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This website is generated using Jekyll, with a Bootstrap 3 framework, and is hosted by Github that points to a custom domain. We welcome any and all contributions, be sure to check out if there are any pending issues.

Getting started


Once you've cloned a copy of the git, open a terminal from the project's directory and type the following:

jekyll serve

Open a browser and visit http://localhost:4000 to preview the site. If you're new to Jekyll (or Ruby), you'll need to follow their simple installation guide.


We also have a Vagrant configuration that will get you up and running without having to install Jekyll first. After installing Vagrant just run this command from this project's directory:

vagrant up

Your first run might take a few minutes, as the configuration will download Ubuntu (Precise Pangolin 64-bit), then install Jekyll and any dependencies.

Once complete, Vagrant will start Jekyll by running jekyll serve. You can then see a preview at http://localhost:4000/ in a web browser.

You can get shell access through the following command

vagrant ssh

Framework changes

Please do not contribute with an updated version of Bootstrap or jQuery, as we need to support IE 8 and beyond. The fourth version of Bootstrap has dropped IE 8/9 support and jQuery 2x does not work on older browsers.

Our base users are South Africans, at least 22% of the connected population still use IE. is moving to To facilitate this, we're serving redirects to is serving from the gh-pages branch just in case someone accidentally pushes changes intended for to the old remote.