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An api for city events & schedules.
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Denver Street Sweeping API

Build Status

Current Status: As of October 2014 Denver Street Sweeping is available on as a pilot project for the City and County of Denver.

This is the repo for Denver Street Sweeping's Backend API. If you're looking for the front-end client code, visit this url.

##What Is Denver Street Sweeping?

Denver Street Sweeping is a web application developed by the 2014 Code for America Fellows in Denver. The app uses Street Sweeping data from the City and County of Denver. It allows residents of Denver to lookup an address and find the corresponding street sweeping schedule for that address. The resident can then sign up for schedule reminders by Email or SMS. The web app is responsive.

Read more about Denver Street Sweeping here

##Technical Details

The Denver Street Sweeping API reads and parses the street sweeping data from the City and County of Denver.

Languages: C#, Ruby (Ruby is used for build tools. It isn't necessary but helpful. To get help with Ruby, use this guide)

Platform pieces

  • Heroku is used for hosting the app.
  • Travis CI is used for continuous integration service.


  • Nancy is the web framework for the API.
  • Dapper is a mini-object operational mapper for the API.
  • Simpler is a command pattern library for the API.

Service Dependencies

  • Twilio is used to send SMS reminders.
  • Mandrill is used to send Email reminders.


See the [Contributing][contributing] for details. [contributing]: ##License See the LICENSE for details.

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