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A simple demonstration of using Pyramid on Google App Engine.
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Setting up Pyramid on GAE

This project demonstrates how to use Buildout to set up a sane development environment for developing and deploying Pyramid apps on Google App Engine.

See for information about Pyramid.

See for information on Buildout.

This app is one of the simplest possible, serving up 'Hello, World!' at '/', and 'Goodbye, World!' at '/goodbye'.

Running the application out of the box

Build and run the application:

$ python2.5 --distribute
$ ./bin/buildout
$ ./bin/dev_appserver parts/pyramidongae

Then access the application using a web browser with the following URL:


Uploading and managing

To upload application files, run:

$ ./bin/appcfg update parts/pyramidongae

For a more detailed documentation follow this url:
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